March 4-6, 2011

IIn the official Workshop,  delegates working as dioceses, Archdiocese and interest groups, tackled  the message and challenge each conference posed to them in the context of Myanmar Church.

Columban Sister Kathleen Geaney, was the Workshop Facilitator, assisted by Msgr Maurice Nyunt Wai, Vicar of Pathein Diocese, who also gave his talk on The Word of God and Liturgy.

Sr Rosa Sylvia, SFX, BPM National Core Team member, gave a talk on Communicating the Word of God,

Fr Paul Lum Dau, Director of the St Columban Biblical Pastoral Center of Myitkyina, gave his talk on The Word of God in Our Midst.

At the end of the workshop, the participants were able to produce recommendations – the fruits of their reflections and discussion during the workshop. Sister Tammy, being the appointee of the Bishops’ Conference as National Coordinator for Biblical Pastoral Ministry, will read the recommendations to the Bishops’ Conference in June 2011.

Many of the delegates were delighted and grateful to God to be part of history in the promotion of the Word of God in the field of Biblical Pastoral Ministry in Myanmar.

The members of the General Secretariat headed by Sr Mary Dillon, SSC, Fr Peter Newman, Sr Marie Therese, SJA, and Sr Cecilia, SFX , Sr Mary Hka Raw, SNDS, were very busy finalising the documentation in both English and Burmese and so at the end of the workshop all materials were  completed.

On the night of 6 March some delegates returned by train and bus to their respective dioceses while others left the next day. All were excited going home to share their experiences with their Bishops, parishioners and communities. It was indeed a New Pentecost for Myanmar in the field of the Biblical Pastoral Ministry. Praise the Lord!

Last but not the least, I am grateful to have had Sr Kathleen Geaney, SSC, as Workshop Facilitator and Sister Mary Dillon, SSC, as General Secretary during the Workshop.

Sister Tammy Saberon SSC
Myanmar National Coordinator of Biblical Pastoral Ministry


>>>Bishop Basilip Basilio >>>

<<Sr Tammy Saberon <<Fr Aye Kywa<<

<<Sr Syliva <<<Sr Kathleen Geaney>>> <<Msgr Maurice Nyunt


Sr Mary Dillon SSC…

Fr Peter Newman

Sr Marie Theresa SJA, Sr Cecilia SFX

…..and Sr Mary Hka Rawe SNDS….


End of Workshop Photo
End of Workshop Photo

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