pemaura_jub2It was with great joy that the members of the parish of Cristo Liberador in San Juan de Lurigancho gathered on April 25, to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Profession of Sister Maura Gallahue. 

The Mass and fiesta afterwards took place in the chapel in “10 de octubre” for which Maura has a special responsibility having accompanied this community for the past 17 years. 

But Maura is well known all over the parish so people came from all the chapels and groups to share with her their appreciation and love.

The Mass was celebrated by Fr. Gerry Desmond, the pastor of the parish. Present also were Fr. Peter Carlin (from Ireland) and Fr. Leo Cho (from Korea) who also work in the parish and are associate members of the Columban Fathers.


pemaura_jub1The music was provided by the choir from Colegio Fé y Alegria. After Communion, Maura shared a short reflection thanking God for her vocation and her life as a Columban Missionary Sister and thanking the people for their acceptance and their love.

Maura was also accompanied by some of her own Columban Sisters from the Lima Area who were able to join her for the celebration.

After Mass everyone gathered in the school hall to continue the celebration.  Food was served and the special jubilee cake was cut and shared by all.

 There were speeches and special presentations by members of all the different  parish groups



   For Sister Maura, the whole celebration was a surprise having being organized quietly by the  parishioners in ‘10 de octubre’ and Sister Young Mi.

But she quickly got over the shock of being the center of attention and entered into the joy of this very special occasion.

          (Right) Pilar Huaman, Vicenta Ramos, and Irma Pacífico present a Jubilee gift to Sr Maura. The four work together for the ‘adultos mayores’ (Seniors Citizens



      pemaura_jub4pemaura_jub7  pemaura_jub6

(Left):  Victoria Silva, Rebeca Bernardo, and Norma Rivera, co-workers with Sr Maura in the Catechetical Program in Cristo Salvador.  (Center): Five of the teachers of the school and Sra. Blanca and Sr Pedro Sinche, the coordinator of the chapel, and little Aaron, one of the  children of the school, along with Sisters Young Mi  and Maura.  (Right): Columban Sisters Young Mi, Mary O’Dea, Mary Mulcachy and Eufrasia Gracia with the honoree.

Account sent by Sr Mary O’Dea

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