How easy to believe that I am an instrument of your love when my life is going well, O God. How difficult to believe this when my life seems to be going nowhere, or is filled with many concerns and activities that wear me out. Yet, you greatly desire to proclaim your goodness through every part of my life, no matter what the situation is.

I do not need to have good feelings in order to be an instrument of your love. I do not need to always feel satisfied with what I am attempting to be and to do in order to be a disciple of yours. Its is the intention of my heart that makes the difference. Deep within I long for you and I give myself to your cause. I place my heart in yours and enter as fully as I can into your loving embrace.

I am your messenger, ready to tell of your enormous kindness and mercy. I will trust in you. I believe that those with whom I live and work will see your love shining through all that I am and all that I do. It is your radiance within me that will transform the bits and pices of my life into a tapestry of ardent devotion.

Thanks you for being present in my life and for calling me to be your gracious voice of unconditional love. Amen

-J. Rupp

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