Columban Sisters in Pakistan 1990


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  Pakistan, which is bordered by China to the north, Afghanistan and Iran to the west and India to the east, came into existence in 1947 to be a homeland for the Muslims.   The Columban Sisters presence in Pakistan is of relatively recent origin. They went there for the first time in 1990, at the invitation of the local Bishop, to be of service to the Christian Communities of the Diocese of Hyderabad. One community lives in Latifibad, a district of Hyderabad, the second community lives in Kunri, District Umerkot, two different regions of the Sindh Province. Pakistan is bordered by China to the north; Afghanistan and Iran to the west and India to the east. It  is 97% Muslim with a tiny minority of Hindus, Christians, Parsis, etc.  Our presence as Columban Sisters here enables us to dialogue with peoples of other faiths and to witness to gospel values within an Islamic society where Christians and Hindus form a very small minority.. Our ministries of service be they in the area of education, health or community development  are varied but they all seek to reach out to peoples on the margins who often find themselves discriminated against. We seek to develop the potential of children with disabilities and work for their acceptance within the family, local community and society. We accompany women, especially those victimized and abandoned by society. We collaborate in the empowerment of the local church and are involved in pastoral work within local Christian communities. We endeavor to be people who build inter-faith harmony among different ethnic and tribal peoples among whom we live and work. Wherever we can, we work with people who share our vision for transforming the structures of society in a just and equitable way and so create for all a more just and caring society.  

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