I am among you as one who serves  ”    Lk 22:27


 We are a congregation of missionary religious women  whose commitment to God urges us to cross boundaries of culture, language and belief
to proclaim the Good News of Jesus  in the ever changing world of our time


The life of missionary service calls for availability and adaptability in relation to the direction of mission and our response to it. Over the years since our foundation, we Columban Sisters have been called first to establish and/or run institutions serving Educational and Medical needs. Then in the late 70’s to move towards to less structured ministries meeting a wide variety of other needs.  And so, in our everyday lives, we give expression to our commitment through a variety of ministries and services focusing on the following:

Empowering People through Communicating Gospel Values


The communication of Gospel values is the basis of all our missionary service. But direct instruction is done through Bible study programs within the building Basic Christian Communities. It also includes directing programs preparing people for the sacraments. Often the latter is initiated by people who want to know more about the Christian faith out of the witness of values such as inclusiveness, respect, compassion and self-sacrifice communicated by the Sisters and co-workers. In short, through the communication of God’s love for each person.

Related Projects and Activities
  • Biblical Apostolate    
  • Basic Christian Community building    
  • Family Catechetic   
  • Providing retreats and Spiritual direction  
  • The on-going witness of pastoral presence: self-giving and concern for human need and the quiet ministry of dialogue
  • Faith formation and Spirituality
  • Pastoral Counselling

Recognizing and Promoting the Dignity of the Human Person


In the society of our time there is much disregard for human life in all its forms. The dignity of human person is so often ignored or placed on the lowest rung of priorities; people can be regarded as tools to be used, rather than gifts to be respected, nourished, and encouraged to reach their full potential without any question of discrimination.


Related Projects and Activities
  • Visiting people in their homes, in prison and in hospital 
  • Providing services for the aged and the terminally ill 
  • Caring for persons suffering from HIV/AIDS and for their families 
  • Programs for Children and Young People with Special Needs  (mentally and physically Challenged)
  • Self-esteem and Leadership workshops for Young People
  • Counselling in Drug and Alcohol Addiction
  • Professional service in response natural disasters.

Working on issues related to women and children


Women and children are the most vulnerable persons in the society of our time. Therefore many projects and programs Columban Sisters’ are directed towards helping mothers and children out of exploitive situations: family violence, poverty, lack of education towards awareness of their rights and their dignity.


Related Projects and Activities
  • Services for women caught in situations of domestic violence  
  • Feeding & Health Programs for Children  
  • Educational Projects and Centres for Youth and Young Children

Promoting Justice and Peace and the Integrity of Creation


This has been a focus for the Columban Sisters since our General Chapter in 1981.  Mission projects have been prioritized accordingly.  It is a mission thrust that requires an on-going study of global realities in the light of Gospel values.  Among these realities are the Trafficking of Women and Girls and Global Warming with its consequences through the wholesale exploitation of natural resources for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many.


Related Projects and Activities
  • Care of the Earth through a general and increasing awareness of the importance of recycling of waste materials along with the purchase of more environmentally friendly goods.
  • Care of the Earth through Anti-Mining Campaigns 
  • Solidarity with the people struggling for their Land, Water and Natural resources.
  • Awareness-raising campaigns through specific Events and use of local media  

Dialoguing with people of other faiths and cultures


The apostolate of Dialogue with people of other faiths is a vital part of mission today. There is the privilege of sharing on the traditions of each faith. Out of this comes a greater appreciation of the Mystery from which all faiths flow. Sharing meditation/prayer together provides a bridge and meeting point. It also gives energy to continue on the long road of building mutual understanding as all faith traditions try to work together for a new and transformed society.

A further and precious development is a greater desire to work together for social transformation. Participating together in Social and Neighbourhood projects allows for a deeper understanding of our common humanity; it opens up opportunities for getting in touch with and enjoying the God-given richness and diversity of different cultures. All this is available to us all for fostering a more just and peaceful world.


Related Projects and Activities
  • Forums for Shared Meditation and Prayer
  • Neighbourhood Groups working on local issues: Anti-Poverty Programs, Drug Addiction Counselling
  • Advocacy Work

Education and Health Services


Response to needs in missionary work takes many forms and requires constant review as how best to meet such needs. The setting may be in formal, for example, in universities or hospitals. Columban Sisters will readily apply their professional skills where the opportunity affords it.


Related Projects and Activities
  • Teaching English as Second Language in Universities
  • CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) Courses and Supervision of Practitioners
  • Professional Counselling Services
  • Counselling Services 

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